The Carter Family Memorial Music Center, a non-profit organization, serves fans and supporters of old-time country and folk music through the presentation of weekly performances at the Carter Family Fold, in Hiltons, Virginia. It also honors the memory of the first family of country music, the legendary Carter Family (A.P. Carter, Sara Carter, and Maybelle Carter), whose first recordings (in 1927) are credited with giving birth to the commercial country music industry. The Carter Family Memorial Music Center was founded by Janette Carter, daughter of A.P. and Sara, who with Sara’s cousin Maybelle, comprised the original Carter Family. The Carter Family Memorial Music Center is directed by Rita Forrester, daughter of Janette Carter.

Wedding Venue

Designed as a performance arena, the Carter Family Fold is available for weddings by special arrangements.  The Fold holds shows every Saturday night, but the

The Fold

facility is available any other time for weddings.  Fans of traditional country music can be wed surrounded by musical legends A.P., Sara and Maybelle Carter.  The Carter Family Fold includes a stage with state-of-the-art lighting and acoustics, plus a kitchen and dressing rooms.  The 850-seat tiered auditorium provides excellent views from every angle in the facility.

Fold Grounds

The Carter Family Fold stands today on the original property owned by A.P. and Sara Carter and is located in Poor Valley at the foot of the Clinch Mountain in Southwest Virginia.  This was the Carter’s home and base of operations.  A.P. Carter’s original general store has been preserved and serves today as a museum.

Carter Family Cabin

Carter Family Cabin

Several years ago, the Fold added the family’s original mid-1800s log cabin to the property.  The quaint, one-room log cabin has been lovingly restored and is both a national and Virginia landmark.  During the Christmas season, the cabin is decorated just as it was when the legendary Carter’s lived there–complete with a cedar Christmas tree and homemade decorations.

The Carter Family Memorial Music Center is the perfect location for a large event or a small, intimate gathering of family or friends.

For information on wedding rentals of the Carter Family Fold, contact 276-594-0676 or via email to [email protected]

The Fold is staffed by volunteers; for immediate assistance call Scott County Tourism at 276-386-6521.