Devil’s Bathtub Trail Conditions–August 5

The first week of August at the Devil’s Bathtub and, once again, the waters are swift and high.  Heavy rainfall has brought the creek levels up.  Not advised to hike the trail at this time.

We still ask you to remember that is area is prone to flash flooding so please check the weather prior to your hike and be observant of water and weather conditions during your hike.  Also we ask that you allow at least five hours to complete the hike so please do not start the adventure later than 4 p.m., in order to have enough daylight to hike back out of the Tub.

When hiking to the Tub, please make sure to have two hiking poles for stabilization when crossing the rocks.  Felt-bottom soled shoes are recommended.  In lieu of that, a good water shoe that provides some grip along the creek beds.  Caution, the rocks are extremely slippery.

There are two trails to access the Devil’s Bathtub.  After you cross the first creek, you will approach a “T” at the trail.  The trail to the left is the shorter (two-mile) hike with 13 creek crossings.  The trail to the right is the longer (four-mile) hike with no creek crossings.  This trail is steep and slippery in spots.

Neither trail is recommended for children under 10.

Please note if you take the creek crossing trails, just before you reach the Devil’s Bathtub, there is a narrow passage way with a steep drop to the right.  There is a rope on the left-hand side to assist you on the ledge.  Once you go down  the ledge, many people think this is the Devil’s Bathtub.  It is not.  Climb up the next hill and go a few feet, and the actual Tub is behind the rhododendron bushes on the left.

We ask that you take out what you bring in.

Parking is now available at 312 High Knob SC, Dungannon, VA. 24245.  Winter rainfall has left the access road up to the smaller parking area rutted in many areas to the point, it might just swallow your car.

There is a restroom and trashcans at the new lot.



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