Daniel Boone Birding Trail

This trail winds up the opposite side of Powell Mountain from the Kane Gap Trail and then joins the latter trail at Kane Gap.  The Daniel Boone Trail begins on an old gravel road, but then narrows down into a hiking trail that continues for several miles through hardwood forests.

In the summer, look for vireos, flycatchers and woodpeckers, along with the black-throated blue warbler at higher elevations.  Spring and fall migration are the peak times to visit the Daniel Boone Trail when hawks and songbirds are following the mountain range to their wintering or summering grounds.

Directions:  From the Duffield Industrial Park, return to Route 772 and turn left.  Continue northwest on Route 772 for 0.6 miles to the bridge crossing/Route 879.  Turn left, heading west on Route 879/Fraley Avenue for 0.4 miles to the trailhead on the right.

The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association has marked the trail up to Kane Gap.  Please stay on the marked trail because it crosses private property.

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