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Dungannon is the gateway to the world-famous Clinch River and the hiking and scenery of High Knob.   Just outside of town is the Scott County Regional Horse Park, which holds numerous riding events throughout the season, and is definitely one of Scott County’s best man-made assets.  The Scott County Regional Horse Park Association is active in recruiting visitors to the area and in creating more equine trails in Scott County.Sherry-on-horseback

This small town (population 317) has a post office, gas station, and a couple of retail stores — just what you need to stock up for your river or mountain adventure. Dungannon is located in the northeastern tip of the county, along Routes 65 and  72.

Dungannon Town Park:  basketball court, playground, picnic shelter, swings.

Old Osborne's  store near Hanging Rock

Old Osborne’s store near Hanging Rock

The town also has a long history. Originally known as Osborne’s Ford, the town was settled by Scotch-Irish and English immigrants who traveled here from North Carolina in search of land. The settlers were largely self-sufficient until the 20th century brought industrialization.  Not only did this alter the way of life, but it changed the name of the community itself, from Osborne’s Ford to Dungannon.