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Ziegenwald Dairy


Ziegenwald Dairy is owned and operated by John and Andrea Woodworth, and is the only USDA-registered dairy in Southwest Virginia.

The farm is located on Possum Creek near Gate City and opened in 1994 raising registered alpine goats. In 2008, the Woodworths received their Grade A Dairy license, which allows them to sell homestead cheeses. All cheeses are made from animals on the farm and no hormones or antibiotics are used to enhance milk production.

The farm produces a wide variety of goats milk cheeses most of the year. Since goats are seasonal, milk production is limited through the winter.

goat-cheeseZiegenwald products include:
Chèvre style goat cheese in the following flavors–garlic/black pepper, chives, dill garlic dill, basil, basil/garlic, raspberry, strawberry, mulberry, apricot and peach.

Feta style goat cheese sold in six ounce containers.

Mozzarella style goat cheese.

Colby-style goat cheese, a semi-hard cheese that shows off a creamy texture and wonderful flavor. As this cheese ages, it becomes sharper.

Camembert-style goat cheese, available in small wheels of seven ounces. This cheese has a very short shelf life and is sold directly to the consumer.

All cheeses are produced on site and can be purchased on the farm, at farmers markets and by mail.

The Woodworths also have quality breeding animals for sale.

For directions and more information, call 276-386-2419.