Creation Kingdom Zoo Open for the Season

creation kingdom zooFrom The Directors Tree

The 2017 season is underway! We’re excited about the new season and eager to share our passion with our visitors. An additional 12 acres is set to open this season as well as upgrades to our tiger and sloth bear exhibits. We’ve also got a new snack area set to open in the next few weeks so theres lots in the pipeline! Every year animals around the globe face a plethora of challenges to their continued survival. From poaching and habitat destruction to disease and starvation, the “wild” can be a very dangerous place to live today. And to be honest, there aren’t very many “wild” places left on the planet anymore – they are slowly shrinking, leaving nowhere for the animals to go. This is one of the many reasons Zoo’s and Aquariums are vital to the continued survival of our planets animals. Creation Kingdom Zoo is proud to be fulfilling our promise to “Make a Difference” through our exceptional breeding programs. Our Conservation Partnership with the AZA SSP and new partnership with the West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA), we want to continue to make the world a better place. Your patronage helps us ensure our planets species are here for future generations to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you this season!

Tucker getting up close and personalGrowing up Tucker
Young Tucker has grown 3 feet in the last 7 months and has about 9 more feet to go! He may even grow a little while you’re here! Giraffes are the Earths tallest land mammal and have very unique physical features that allow them to do what no other animal can. They are also in peril in their native Africa as numbers have been in a slow decline over the last decade. Young Tucker will be the new herd sire for future Giraffe generations at Creation Kingdom Zoo.


zoo5Baby Time!

Everybody loves babies. As has come to be expected with Creation Kingdom Zoo, with Spring comes babies! Lemurs have already begun their births and a host of other babies will be born through summer.