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Daniel Boone, Virginia

Daniel Boone

Hob Nob

This railroad yard and the community that surrounds it is the only place in Virginia named after famed Frontiersman Daniel Boone.  While blazing the historical Wilderness Trail, Boone and his party of 30 axemen passed through the area where they stopped and drank out a mountain spring in the area.

The resurrected Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail travels thru this small community, which is probably best known today for the Hob Nob Restaurant, home of the Ostrich Burger.  This iconic eatery has been family-owned and serving up drive-in style fare for more than 60 years.  Hob Nob is one those eateries the locals would like to keep secret because it’s their spot for Friday night and after church on Sunday.  Make sure to leave room for a frozen custard dessert.